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FRIDAY Eastern Time

12:00 AM

 Pastor Douglas Campbell

12:30 AM

Evangelist Kevin Stark

1:00 AM

Pastor Hieley Richardson

1:30 AM

 Rev. James B. Dickson

2:00 AM

Witness Mark Thompson

2:30 AM

Marcus Mason

3:00 AM

Julian Lewis

3:30 AM

Wynelle Alexander

4:00 AM

Dr. Mike Murdock

4:30 AM

Pastor G.W. Gore

5:00 AM

 Dr. Donald L. Johnson

5:30 AM

Timothy Henry

6:00 AM

 Donnie R. Lewis

6:30 AM

Prophet Clay Ellis

7:00 AM

Trevor Wallace

7:30 AM

Bill Winston

8:00 AM

Rebecca Bridges Padin

8:30 AM

Pastor Paula Price

9:00 AM

Craig Nicholia

9:30 AM

Apostle Tyrone Howell Jr.

10:00 AM

Pastor Don Preston


10:30 AM

 Real Talk TV


11:00 AM

Dr. Mary McCoy


11:30 AM

Lancelot Watson


Undra House


12:30 PM

Hellena Horsley

1:00 PM

Apostle Byron Corbitt

1:30 PM

Heavenly Films CG Animation Studios

2:00 PM

Yvette Turner

2:30 PM

Fresh Fire Revival Ministries

3:00 PM

Naconiel & Thelma Fullwood


3:30 PM

Tracey Gill


4:00 PM

Bishop Dr. Wayne Babb

4:30 PM

Pastor Valentino Curtis


5:00 PM

Ronald Barnes

5:30 PM

Apostle Robert L. Alexander

6:00 PM

Ayakao Watkins


6:30 PM

Dr. Janice D. Grier


7:00 PM

Trumpet Dad


7:30 PM

Frank Harber

8:00 PM

Lisa Zachery

8:30 PM

 Ray MaGee


9:00 PM

Randy Hooper

9:30 PM

Monica Barger

10:00 PM

Angela White


10:30 PM


11:00 PM



11:30 PM

Onyx News Network

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