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THURSDAY Eastern Time

12:00 AM

Bill Winston 

12:30 AM

Pastor Eugene Ralph Sr.

1:00 AM

Dr. Carlos Williams

1:30 AM

Cay Woodward

2:00 AM

Crazy on a new level/Intoxicated by Michelle Lovett

2:30 AM

Andrew Wommack 


3:00 AM

John Dessart

3:30 AM

Sharon Saunders

4:00 AM

Mike Murdock

4:30 AM

 Kimberly Manning

5:00 AM

  Pastor Willie Stewart

5:30 AM

Rev. M. Wilson 
H G. Ministry ​


6:00 AM

Apostles Giselle and Leslie Johnny 

6:30 AM

Monica Harmon

7:00 AM

Lovely Water​

7:30 AM

Pastor Charlotte Barrett

8:00 AM

Artis Nelson

8:30 AM

Evangelist Judy Seymour

9:00 AM

Oscar Waithe​

9:30 AM

Donaldson Robertson


10:00 AM

Pastor Helen G. Smith

10:30 AM

Tyrone Austin


11:00 AM

Two By Faith Ministries

11:30 AM

Jennifer white


 Pastor Claudene Collins

12:30 PM

Jessie Cunningham


1:00 PM

James Robison

1:30 PM

Sola Babalola 

2:00 PM

Bishop J. Louis Felton

2:30 PM

 Apostle Dorothy Jackson


3:00 PM

Dr. J


3:30 PM

Kenneth Copeland 

4:00 PM

Rev. Hayden Marshall


4:30 PM

Japrince Fulmore


5:00 PM

The Dr. Murphy Show

5:30 PM

Frank Shelton


6:00 PM

Shell Richardson


6:30 PM

Dr. Janice D. Grier

7:00 PM

Clairon Hall

7:30 PM

Apostle Ronn Long


8:00 PM

Apostle David Taylor


8:30 PM

Pastor Shawn Baker

9:00 PM

Me v.s. Me with Geri Boyd

9:30 PM

Sheritta Perry


10:00 PM

Apostle Dr. Ronnie L. Parson

10:30 PM

 Steve Ball

11:00 PM

Kenneth Copeland

11:30 PM

Onyx News Network

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