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SUNDAY Eastern Time

12:00 AM

Jonathan Hansen


12:30 AM

Clarence McClendon


1:00 AM

 James Fortune

1:30 AM

Bill Winston


2:00 AM

 Aaron Dieudonné Lokakao Manga

2:30 AM

 Hardy Banks

3:00 AM

Jame Robison

3:30 AM

Rodney Howard-Browne

4:00 AM

Rodney Howard-Browne


4:30 AM

Kelly Culpepper

5:00 AM

Joyce Meyers


5:30 AM

Dr. Michael & Kimberly Eaton


6:00 AM

Pastor Warren Cook


6:30 AM

Mike Murdock


7:00 AM

Witness Mark Thompson


7:30 AM

Andrew Wommack

8:00 AM

Dr. Willard & Dr. Karen Smith


8:30 AM

Apostle Sivena Taylor

9:00 AM

Dr. Arthur T. Dunn


9:30 AM

Pastor Larry Perkins

10:00 AM

Ray Magee

10:30 AM

Sam Corley


11:00 AM

Apostle David Taylor


11:30 AM

Pastor Mark Burns



Pastor Mark Burns


12:30 PM

Don Keathley 


1:00 PM

Dr. Greg Jacobs & Dr. Selena Randall


1:30 PM

Prophet Salem Ephias


2:00 PM

Sherry Caudill 

2:30 PM

Jason Newman 


3:00 PM

Mandie Cubit


3:30 PM

Pastor Osita Osagbue 


4:00 PM

 Pastor/Evangelist Percy Jordan

4:30 PM

Kingdom Dialogue With Pastor Donald Solomon and Dr. Beverlee Solomon

5:00 PM

Uncompromised Revival Fire with Dr. Caleb Cooper

5:30 PM

David Foster

6:00 PM

Apostle David Taylor

6:30 PM

Gayle Cobb

7:00 PM

Janet Olson


7:30 PM

Dr. Earl D. Young Sr.


8:00 PM

Prophetess Shanna 


8:30 PM

Apostle Victrena Washington


9:00 PM

Sola Bababloa

9:30 PM

Dr Sharon Saunders

10:00 PM

Donald Crawley

10:30 PM

 Nashville Roadhouse Live

11:00 PM

 Bishop Bobby Hilton

11:30 PM


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