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SUNDAY Eastern Time

12:00 AM

Pastor Randall Jones


12:30 AM

Clarence McClendon


1:00 AM

Dr. O.

1:30 AM

Robert Ward


2:00 AM

Stan Mackey

2:30 AM

Kristle Triggs

3:00 AM

Clarice Staten

3:30 AM

Robert Howard Brown

4:00 AM

Robert Howard Brown


4:30 AM

Lancelot Watson 

5:00 AM

Joyce Myers


5:30 AM

Bishop Jerome Jones


6:00 AM

Pastor Martin Macfoy


6:30 AM

Apostle R. V. Lockhart 


7:00 AM

Pastor Robert Woodard


7:30 AM

Apostle Anthony Monds


8:00 AM

Angelo Moe


8:30 AM

Dr. Phillip Mitchell


9:00 AM

Dr. D Lemont Wortham


9:30 AM

Ken Miller


10:00 AM

The Lee Brothers

10:30 AM

Pastor Gloria Muñiz


11:00 AM

Apostle David Taylor


11:30 AM

Pastor Mark Burns



Pastor Mark Burns


12:30 PM

Apostle Jacquie Hadnot


1:00 PM

Philip Syvelle Phillips


1:30 PM

Minister Tracey Barbour


2:00 PM

Eric Brown


2:30 PM

David Porter


3:00 PM

Timothy Russell


3:30 PM

Rev. Dr. Kirk Coneley

Dr. Deadrian Coneley


4:00 PM

Prophet Ennis Hackett


4:30 PM

Dr Delbert A Mack Sr.

5:00 PM

Right Decisions with

 Tammy Moye Johnson

5:30 PM

Pastor Janet Franco

6:00 PM

Apostle David Taylor

6:30 PM

Apostle Joel McLeod

7:00 PM

Pastor Vance


7:30 PM

Joseph Figaroa


8:00 PM

Pastor Folake Israel


8:30 PM

Apostle Victrena Washington


9:00 PM

Claytisha Walden


9:30 PM

Bishop J. L. Nelson


10:00 PM

Pastor Lita Reeves


10:30 PM

Pastor Dianne Winbush


11:00 PM

Yolanda Pitts

11:30 PM