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SATURDAY Eastern Time

12:00 AM

Veronica Brown

12:30 AM

Amoretto Jessica Lopez

1:00 AM

Pastor Mikaela Cade

1:30 AM

Pastor Derek Wilson

2:00 AM

Prophetess Tiffany Harrison

2:30 AM

Jewish Jesus

3:00 AM

 Frangena A. Johnson

3:30 AM

Girma Ayalneth

4:00 AM

Elder Marvin T. Jones


4:30 AM

Dr. Pastor Tasha Taylor

5:00 AM

Todd Reynolds

5:30 AM

Pastor Bobby & Lady V Griffin


6:00 AM

James Hassell

6:30 AM

Greg Holsapple

7:00 AM

Dr. Simi Massey

7:30 AM

Pastor Oye Aderogba

8:00 AM

Aimee Cabo

8:30 AM

Bishop John T. Dorden

9:00 AM

Apostle Delores Chatmon

9:30 AM

 Evangelist Jesse Norwood III 


10:00 AM

Pastor Cynthia Haymon

10:30 AM

Pastor Jack Dilday


11:00 AM

Evangelist Ankit Rambabu


11:30 AM

Frederick Anderson


Latoya Roberts   

12:30 PM

 Bob Renfro

1:00 PM

Minister Cassandra Montgomery   


1:30 PM

Rev. Harold Krause


2:00 PM

 Nathalie Crawford

2:30 PM

Orlando Miller

3:00 PM

William Davis


3:30 PM

Dr. Juan & Mrs. Tracy 

4:00 PM

Barry Lipscomb


4:30 PM

 Nenita Shannon

5:00 PM

The Dr. Murphy Show

5:30 PM

 Pastor Terry Matthews

6:00 PM

Apostle Gregory Kirby


6:30 PM

  Pastor W. J. Fowler III 

7:00 PM

Furry Tales


7:30 PM

William Bell


8:00 PM

Sherry Caudill


8:30 PM

Bishop Dr. Raymond Nnolim


9:00 PM

Bishop Ben Carter

Larry Lloyd


9:30 PM

Pastor Dominick Thoman


10:00 PM

Wendell Hutchins

10:30 PM

 Reverend Robert Bagrowski

11:00 PM

Lancelot Waston

11:30 PM

Sidney Brodie

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