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TUESDAY Eastern Time

12:00 AM

Pastor G​

12:30 AM

Dr. Wanda D. Casey

1:00 AM

Patricia Dillon

1:30 AM

Louis Felicia Numan

2:00 AM

Gidget Lewis

2:30 AM

Dr. Teresa Bryant

3:00 AM

REV. Ikpenwosa Tobor

3:30 AM

The Mother of Change Show

4:00 AM

Mike Murdock

4:30 AM

Evangelist Robin Sherrod

5:00 AM

Alice Bereng Ministry

5:30 AM

Reginald Kearney

6:00 AM

Pastor Willie Taylor

6:30 AM

Bishop Peter Thompson

7:00 AM

Angie Gilchrist

7:30 AM

 Pastor Denee Taylor

8:00 AM

Dr. Alethia Simmons

8:30 AM

Prophet Elijah J

9:00 AM

Prophet Elijah J

9:30 AM

Kent Earls

10:00 AM

James Robinson

10:30 AM

Neal Harris


11:00 AM

Verrona Burns


11:30 AM

Wayne Runyon


Erlinda Smith


12:30 PM

Dale Berry

1:00 PM

Dr. Shon Neyland


1:30 PM

The Pastor Chira Show


2:00 PM

Robert Johnson


2:30 PM

Sam Luke 


3:00 PM

Pastor Angela Probst   

3:30 PM

Undra Hamilton'Smith


4:00 PM

Johnnie Brokenburr

4:30 PM

Bishop Nathanyel


5:00 PM

The Dr. Murphy Show

5:30 PM

Bishop Perry E. Jackson

6:00 PM

Apostle Dena S. Jobes

6:30 PM

Pastor Adrian Wright


7:00 PM

Truth Trial

7:30 PM

Apostle Johnny L. Magee, Jr.


8:00 PM

Cynthia Terry


8:30 PM

Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Lewis

9:00 PM

Gary Gant

9:30 PM

Dell Hyssong


10:00 PM

 Eric Isaiah

10:30 PM

Pastor Dawn Branch

11:00 PM

Miguel Dabul


11:30 PM

Onyx News Network

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